Kristinas Master Graduation in London

Rebecca Krøvel, Karoline Krøvel Midtbø / KAROKUL, Kristina Krøvel

Kristinas Master Graduation in London

Kristina Krøvel graduated, with distinction, in Master of Marketing at Hult University in London in August 2019. We all went, of course, to be there and it was a wonderful experience for the whole family. Only 10-15% of the students in a class normally graduate with distinction, and it says something about a high-grade level.

Karoline aka KAROKUL, Kristina, Rebecca and Anne Kathrine outside the Marylebone Hotel in London
Karoline and Kristina.

KAROKUL in London

KAROKUL has been visiting Kristina many times in London this year, and she is very happy to have a sister in London.

Link to KAROKUL in London.