Karma, the dog of the house

Will easily pose for a treat.

Karma, the dog of the house

Karma, one of a kind.

Karma, the dog of the house is a cross breed dog of six different breeds. In Norway these dogs are also called doodles by some and they are very popular. Doodle is a mix of two breeds I guess, so Karma is a mixed doodle at the best. She is a mix of German Sheperd Dog, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Portuguise Water Dog, Collie and Labrador.


She is truly one of a kind. She is the only one of her siblings that looks just like this and she is very pretty with her Colllie-like face and curly black fur.

Karma loves to go for a car ride.

Karma har her own Instagram-account with more than 6000 followers, and the account is fast growing. If you want to follow her; here is the link to Karma.kul at instagram.

Karma, the dog of the house
The most beautiful dog in the world.
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