Christmas Holiday Tønsberg

Sunglasses from Gucci
Lamb sheep coat

Sun glasses from Chanel
Jacket from Max Mara

Anne Kathrine
Sun glasses from Celine
Scarf Louis Vuitton
Lamb sheep fur


Christmas Holiday Tønsberg. Rebecca Krøvel, Kristina Krøvel, Anne Kathrine Krøvel

Christmas Holiday Tønsberg
Rebecca Krøvel, Kristina Krøvel og Anne Kathrine Krøvel all wearing sunglasses - no sun.

Juleferie Tønsberg Familien Krøvel, Midtbø, Hellebust, Christiensen

Årets beste familiebilde fra oss ble med selvutløser tatt jula 2018.

Christmas Holiday was celebrated in Tønsberg, with the whole family, in my brothers house and in my mothers house. Luckily they are neighbours at Nøtterøy and the two houses next to each other gives plenty of space for us all.

Later that christmas we went on to Sweden. Se bilder her fra Vikarna, Långesjø, Fjällbacka.