Bonniers GRID 2013 Stockholm

Bonniers GRID 2013 Stockholm

Bonniers GRID 2013 Stockholm

Sammen med Birte og Janette var jeg av de heldige utvalgte som fikk dra til GRID dette året.


What is GRID?

GRID is a yearly two-day summit in Stockholm. Amazing speakers share out-of- the-box ideas with passionate media people from across the Bonnier world.

Every participant is expected to play an active part in making GRID a unique experience filled with exciting stories and inspiring encounters. GRID is about expanding minds and stepping out of the box in a new digital world. When outside the box is not a cliché we get inspired. That’s why Bonnier AB invites 15 international speakers and hosts over 250 key people from Bonnier companies in 15 countries. Top media leaders, activists, scientists, digital heroes, designers, game changers get 18 minutes to challenge our minds. GRID17 is invitation-only and you must work for Bonnier to attend. But the talks are available to everyone online. On this site we’ve collected videos from the more than 130 speakers who have shared their thoughts with us over ten years of GRID.

GRID started in 2008 and is arranged by Bonnier Media University, the corporate university of the Stockholm-based international media group Bonnier. Read more about Bonnier at



Bonniers GRID 2013 Stockholm
Anne Kathrine Krøvel, Birthe Midtun og Janette Haukland.

20130912-222433.jpgKreative work-shops…

Båttur i Stockholms-skjærgården hører med.

Bonniers GRID 2013 Stockholm
Fancy lokale med gammeldagse sofaer og et engasjert publikum.